Short Form


  • Principal (or Protectee)
    Consider P’s input/direction; special circumstances (health, family events, preferences, history, etc.)
  • Risks
    • Accidents, Incidents, or Emergencies
      MVAs, medical emergencies, fire/earthquakes/etc., severe weather, structural failures, power failures, etc.
    • Physical Attack (Crime & Terrorism)
      Assault/battery, assassination attempt, kidnapping, etc.
    • Uncomfortable, Inappropriate, or Threatening Behavior
      Activism/demonstration/disruption; stalking; altered states approaches hostile interlocutors; etc.
    • Economic/Information/Reputation Crimes & Vulnerabilities
      Theft of proprietary/confidential info, fraud, blackmail/extortion, reputation challenges, etc.
    • Logistics & Transportation
      Disruptions to travel/transfer plans, strikes, public works, weather, traffic, breakdowns, etc.
  • Opportunities (Includes Resources)
    Local team/resources, POC engagement and support quality/level, venue/event security, etc.
  • Threats
    Direct and/or known threats to the individual, immediate circle, or the activity/event.
  • Environment [Physical Terrain]
    Venue/building strengths/vulnerabilities, weather and/or other natural hazards, distance from key/critical locations/resources, infrastructures quality, etc.
  • Context (or Circumstances) [Human Terrain]
    Other events/participants, duration, visibility, activities & events characteristics/flow, etc.
  • Technology
    Vehicles (cars, planes, helicopters, etc.), communication (phones, radios, etc.), mapping/GPS, protective (armoring, detection, etc.), weapons, etc.