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EP Operations 2020 Heatmap

Tegumen has recently developed a proprietary rating model to identify the most significant geographies for Executive Protection operations for the next five to ten years. The analysis is aimed at anticipating the geographies where Fortune 500 and Global 2000 EP details

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3rd Generation EP Defined

Executive Protection Evolved

This is an update/repost from Filippo Marino’s ‘Protective Intelligence 2.0’ 2010 e-book. The evolution of the Executive Protection (EP) profession can be linked to three distinct phases or generations, each characterized by specific professional philosophies, priorities and competencies. The first transition or

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Beneath the Surface

The value of a corporate EP programs is unquestionably linked to activities and efforts occurring beyond the visible spectrum of most protectees and other program stakeholders. Unfortunately, still too few can effectively articulate, assess or measure the maturity and impact

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PROTECT: The Long (Annotated) Form

Principal (or Protectee) Consider P’s input/direction; special circumstances (health, family events, preferences, history, etc.) Instructions: Refer to (or develop) the critical medical info sheet containing P’s conditions, medications, allergies, physicians’ contact, etc.. Examples: “Has just undergone knee surgery. Has limited mobility

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